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Un Symposium sur les Produits Forestiers Non Ligneux (PFNL) en Tanzanie

A symposium on Non-Timber Forest Products is being organized during the ATBC-SCB Africa section Meeting in Arusha, Tanzania. Non-timber forest products and impacts of harvest in a changing world. Organisers: Orou Gaoue (University of Miami), Carol Horvitz (University of Miami), Rick Stepp (University of Florida) & Tamara Tickin (University of Hawaii at Manoa). Description: The field of non-timber forest products modelling is new and emerging. Over the last two decades, there has been an increasing number of studies on the effects of various type of NTFP harvest on the population dynamics of harvested species in various regions of the world. This wealth of knowledge warrants a synthesis and discussion on future research direction in this field. This symposium seeks to bring together scholars working in that field to discuss new direction for future research. Participants will present their recent works on (a) the history, drivers and ethno-ecology of NTFP harvest, (b) the ecological and evolutionary impacts of NTFP harvest, and (c) how theoretical ecology can provide additional insights into the interactions between human and natural resources in a changing world. Website