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Nouvel article dans BIOTROPICA

Bushmeat Hunting Alters Recruitment of Large-seeded Plant Species in Central Africa by Hadrien Vanthomme, Boris Bellé and Pierre-Michel Forget. Biotropica 42 (6) 672-679, November 2010. Abstract. We investigated the effect of local hunting on plant recruitment at the community level in the Ngotto Forest, Central African Republic. It is the first study of this kind in the afrotropics. To compare our results with previous studies conducted in the neotropics, we used the protocol proposed by Nuñez-Iturri and Howe. We compared animal relative abundances and seed length, density and diversity of seedlings at two sites with contrasting anthropogenic pressures: one with low hunting pressure (LH) and one with high hunting pressure (HH). Furthermore, we investigated how density and diversity of recruitment vary with seed length in the two sites. Lire la suite à Wiley. Photo. Viande de brousse vendue sur la route entre Bamenda et Yaoundé, Cameroun. © Pierre-Michel Forget, 2007.