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Un nouvel article sur Carapa spp. en Amérique

Phylogeography of a species complex of lowland Neotropical rain forest trees (Carapa, Meliaceae) par Scotti-Saintagne, Caroline; Dick, Christopher W.; Caron, Henri; et al.  JOURNAL OF BIOGEOGRAPHY  40 (4) : 676-692   DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2699.2011.02678.x   Published: APR 2013
Main conclusions  The biogeographical history of Neotropical Carapa appears to have been influenced by events that took place during the Neogene. Our results point to an Amazonian centre of origin and diversification of Neotropical Carapa, with subsequent migration to the Pacific coast of South America and Central America. Gene flow apparently occurs among species, and introgression events are supported by inconsistencies between chloroplast and nuclear lineage sorting. The absence of phylogeographical structure may be a result of the ineffectiveness of geographical barriers among populations and of reproductive isolation mechanisms among incipient and cryptic species in this species complex. (Photo : Carapa surinamensis tree © Pierre-Michel Forget).