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Two new species of Carapa from Ecuador

David Kenfack and Álvaro J. Peréz recently  described and published two new species of Carapa in Equator. In this article of Systematic Botany a taxonomic revision of Carapa (Meliaceae) in Ecuador is provided with the recognition of four species, C. megistocarpa which has cauliflorous inflorescences, C. nicaraguensis previously described and currently placed as synonym of C. guianensis and two new species (C. alticola and C. longipetala). The new species are close to C. guianensis based on their 4-merous flowers borne at the end of the branches. However, C. alticola differs from C. guianensis in having larger leaflets with prominent secondary veins, seeds with rounded edges and short poorly ramified inflorescences, while C. longipetala can be distinguised from C. guianensis in having distinctly pedicellate flowers and 6-ovulate ovary loculi. The new species are described, illustrated, and a key to the four species recognized in Ecuador is provided. See Species

Reference: Kenfack, D. & Peréz, Á.J. (2011) Two new species of Carapa (Meliaceae) from Western Ecuador. Systematic Botany, 36, 124-128. (Photos: fruit and seeds of Carapa alticola (top); C. longipetala tree crown (bottom). © David Kenfack, Center for Tropical Forest Science, Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University).