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Lab team

Pierre-Michel Forget (MNHN). Use large-seeded Carapa tree species to protect and save biodiversity of tropical rainforests in Africa, America & Asia. President of the Society for Tropical Ecology (gtô), Past-President (2007-2009) of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ATBC). Former WebEditor of Tropicalbio.org and Former Chair of the Meeting Committee of ATBC - Organizers of five International Meetings in Suriname (2008), France (2010, 2016 & 2018), Brazil (2012), South Africa (2015), and India (2020). Editor of Seed Fate and Nouragues Books. Author of more than 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals, edited books and special volumes, popular magazines, chronicles, plus other Media activities. (Homepage)

PhD Student:

Currenty has no PhD student at MNHN : free to apply

Co-direction and PhD Committee :

Yadok Biplang,  University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, and the Nigerian Montane Forest Project. Ecology of the African Pouched Rat (Cricetomys sp.): Implications for Seed Dispersal and Conservation of Large Seeded Species. More reading

Master students

Elise Sivault (MNHN, MECADEV)

Manon Ducrettet (MNHN, ISYEB & MECADEV)

Lab Alumni

Caroline Marques Dracxler Da Silva. Thesis subject :  Hunting effects on animal-plant interactions and recruitment patterns of palms in tropical forests”. The study will be carried out in both Mata Atlantica in Brazil, and in the Guiana Shield forests in Guyane. Ph. D. Scholarship Ciências sem Fronteiras. (Photo © C. Dracxler). (Dir. P-M Forget)(2013-2017).



Benjamin Yguel (Post Doc LABEX BDIv) Homepage

Sheema Abdul Aziz. Thesis subject : Investigating the decline of old world fruit bats: Implications for ecosystems and economies. The study will be carried out in Peninsular Malaysia. Ph D Fellowship from The French Embassy at Kuala Lumpur (Campus) and the MarineScape Eco Aquarium, Aukland, New Zealand. (Dir: P-M. Forget / A. Campoz-Arceiz, UNMC, KL). (2013-2016) (Thesis defended on 16th November 2016)

Reuben Clements Gopalasamy (Invited Professor LABEX BCDiv) Homepage Rimba

Aurélie Albert (Assoc. Post-doc). Studied frugivory and seed dispersal of Pigtailed Macaques in Thaïland. Ph D, University of Lièges (2012). Her fields of interest are : Seed dispersal by animals and impact on ecosystems; eco-ethology of primates (feeding behaviour and habitat use) ; modelling of seed dispersal by ungulates in temperate regions (trait-based approach); impact of human disturbance on seed dispersal ; Conservation and restoration of degraded areas. (Currently, Post-Doc Kew, UK).  Bio.

Steven Brewer (Post-Doc EGIDE-Chateaubriand, 2001). Worked on post-dispersal seed predation of Manilkara spp. (Sapotaceae) at Nouragues (2001). Now at Coppenhead Consulting.

Olivier Boissier, former Ph D Student, Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle. He defended his doctoral thesis Impact des pressions anthropiques sur les communaute?s de frugivores et la dispersion des graines en fore?t guyanaise"  (Impacts of hunting and logging on the structure of frugivore communities in a Neotropical rain forest: consequences for seed dispersal) on 7th December 2012 at MNHN.

Axelle Bouiges. (Master 2, Orsay). Impact of anthropogenic pressures on dispersal of yayamadous (Virola michelii et V. kwatae, Myristicaceae) in French Guiana. (2009). Ph D at UMR OSEB - EPHE.




Adeline Caubère (CNRS, Brunoy). Responsible for identification of fruit-seed sample of the the phenology program at Brunoy. Homepage. RETIRED




Patrick Chatelet (CNRS, Nouragues). Former responsible for  phenology data  sampling fruit collection at Nouragues, French Guiana (2001-2013). This program now stopped due to the lack of staff (following the retirement of Adeline Caubère) to identify the specimens of fruit and seeds collected at the field station until November 2013.


Stéphanie Chauvet (DEA + Ph. D. Paris 6). Facteurs écologiques de la régénération des arbres en forêt tropicale. Effets majeurs des rongeurs sur la survie des graines de deux Sapotacées en Guyane française. (1997). Effect of forest fragmentation on animal-plant relationships: consequences for recruitment (2001). Currently: COPIL SEP2D



Julien Engel (Maîtrise BOP) Université des Sciences et techniques de Lille. Impact de la fragmentation du milieu forestier sur la prédation et la dispersion des graines par les rongeurs caviomorphes. Cas du barrage de Petit-saut en Guyane française. (1999). Now Botanist at Ecofog in French Guiana.


François Feer (CNRS). Homepage. He's also a writer and a illustrator. Bestiaire Amazonien and Les Poissons sont Indomptables published by Le Dilettante. Neotropical Rainforest Mammals. A Field Guide. (Co-)authors of papers with P-M. Forget on  frugivores and seed removal and predation by rodents. Co-organizer of the 5th Symposium on Frugivores and Seed Dispersal in Montpellier, June 2010. RETIRED

Nicolas Guillemot (Stage INAPG-MNHN 2004 - first version of carapa.org). Diplôme d'ingénieur agro-halieute, AgroParisTech (2005); Doctorat en Halieutique, Agrocampus Ouest / Université Européenne de Bretagne (2006-2009). Now at Consultant : Environnement marin & Halieutique


Sébastien Jésel (DEA + Ph. D. INAP-G) Ecology and recruitment dynamics of Dicorynia guianensis Amshoff, (Caesalpiniaceae) a timber  species in a Guianan forest. (2005) Website. Projet Capsis (2004-7) at CIRAD. Now based at Association Clairondegambe.fr

Sylvie Jouard (CNRS, Brunoy). Seed and Bat Database. RETIRED

Isabelle Hardy (CNRS, Brunoy). Database expert. Homepage

Clément Lermyte (Mastere ENGREF-Ecofog). Rapid assessment of dispersal failure and seedling recruitment of large-seeded non-timber forest products trees in a tropical rainforest. (2006-2007) ONF Trois-Rivières, Guadeloupe.



Gabrielle Martin (MNHN & Université Pierre et Marie Curie-UPMC Paris 6). Topic: Variations inter-annuelles de la production et dissémination des graines de balata (Manilkara spp., Sapotaceae) en forêt guyanaise. Currently : Ph D student at CESCO-MNHN




Irene Mendoza, former Post-Doctoral researcher (2009-2011). Granted by Fundacion Caja Madrid and Spanish Ministry of Education. She analysed 10-year  (2001-2011) data on tree phenology from Nouragues Field Station, and co-supervised Ph D students in the lab. She has expertise in animal-plant relationships and forest dynamics in relation to climate change. mendoza[at]mnhn.fr - Curriculum Vitae [pdf]. She is currently Post-doc at Morellato's Lab and her project is about "Phenological responses of woody plants to climate change: a comparative analysis across the neotropics"

François Morneau (DEA, ENGREF). Effect of tree density on natural recruitment of wacapou (Vouacapoua americana Aubet, Casalpiniaceae) in French Guiana. (2002). Now based at Inventaire Forestier National (IFN).

Aisha Nyiramana, former Ph D Student, Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle. She defended her doctoral thesis  Production de fruits, dissémination et devenir des graines de Carapa grandilfora (Meliaceae) dans le parc National de Nyungwe, Rwanda (Fruit crop, dispersal and fate of seeds of Carapa grandilfora (Meliaceae) dans le parc National de Nyungwe, Rwanda) on 9th october 2012 at MNHN.



Natalia Norden (former DEA Paris 6). Seed rain and tree recruitment in French Guiana. (2003). Then prepared her Ph D thesis in Toulouse (Chave's Lab). Effet de la limitation dans la dispersion des graines sur la régénération de la forêt tropicale humide en Guyane française. (2006) (Post-doc Univ. Connecticut (Chazdon Lab). Now Assistant Professor, Departamento de Estudios Ambientales y Rurales, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia. (photo : Natalia Reading F. Feer's book). Homepage

Odile Poncy (CNRS, PAR herbarium). Contribute to tree sampling and taxonomy. Co-author of the description of the Carapa akuri species in Guyana. Co-author of the Report "Mission d’expertise réalisée du 3 au 7 décembre 2007 dans le cadre d’une mission d’inspection sur le projet d’exploitation aurifère de camp caïman (CBJ Cambior) sur la montagne de Kaw." RETIRED

Sandra Ratiarison (DEA + Thesis Veterinary + Ph. D. Paris 6). Fruiting strategies and fruit consumption in the canopy of a rainforest: a comparative study in French Guiana (2003). Website. Now ECOFAC-RAPAC, Libreville, Gabon.