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Former Position

Education - Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6)

Research Interest

I studied at the University of Paris UPMC (Ph D), and at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. I am an ecologist interested in the dynamics of key tree species with important economical value. My topic is the role of seed – and fruit-eating vertebrates as seed dispersers in rainforests. I studied  the effect of the climate variability on fruit productivity and seed dispersal in French Guiana, aiming at measuring how climate change may affect fruit availability for frugivores, thus seed fate and tree recruitment on the long term. I have especially focused my studies on one tree genus, Carapa spp. (Meliaceae) which offer important ecosystemic services for both Nature and Human beings in tropical America and Africa, for wood and non-timber forest production. I am concerned by the sustainability and equitable use and fairtrade market of non-timber forest products. I am combining  taxonomy and ecology in order to better understand how trees dispersed and radiated in both tropical Africa and America. I have analysed seed and seedling ecology in various forest types and conditions of perturbances in the Guianas, Panama, Central Africa, and SE Asia. I am Vice-president of the Society for tropical Ecology (former gtö), past-president of the ATBC, and associate editor of the Journal of Tropical Ecology and Tropical Conservation Science. I currently advise and co-direct four Ph D theses, in Brazil and French Guiana, in Nigeria, in Malaysia, and in RD Congo/Belgium. I am co-directing a Postdoc on fruit/seed traits, dispersal and tree recruitment in Asean rainforests. I am an Academic Supervisor of the Nigerian Montane Forest Project directed by Hazel Chapman from the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. A complete presentation of our on-going projects is presented at the Forget Lab Projects.

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