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09/15/15 - Workshop Tropical Ecology organized by CNRS-INEE in Gabon

CNRS-INEE organizes a workshop  in Tropical Ecology in Gabon. The goal is to develop capacity building on SEEG at Lékédi. The thema is "Biodiversity and Human-Nature interactions in Tropical Forest Ecosystemes". Date : netween 16-23 September. Location : Bakoumba, Parc de la Lékédi, Gabon.


09/14/15 - Carapa akuri Holotype on line

The voucher of Carapa akuri is now available on line

Specimen id : here
In print :
Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris (France)
Collection : Plantes vasculaires (P)
Spécimen P02440067
Description : here
Illustration : here


08/19/15 - The CAFOTROP METHOD has been published in ECOTROPICA

Safe Climbing using the CAFOTROP Method. In order to study rainforest diversity, especially Carapa trees, it is crucial to be able to safely collect specimens high in the canopy, several meters up to dozens of meters above the ground. The know-how of arborists and naturalists allowed to develop a method to safely study canopy biodiversity. (Photo : P.-M. Forget collecting a fruit of Carapa oreophila in Nigeria using the CAFOTROP method). 


04/05/15 - First results of the study at Observatoire Homme-Milieu Oyapock- LabEx DRIIHM

Research financed by Labex DRIIHM (OHM Oyapock) in international meetings. The first results of studies carried out in French Guiana about "An evaluation of the impact of the construction of a bridge on the wildlife and depending ecological processus : long-term survey on the environnemental change in the Oyapock valley" will be presented during three international meetings :


03/19/15 - Back to ASEAN

Pierre-Michel Forget is back to Malaysia, being granted by the French Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and Campus France to give conferences at Alliance française and University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.




Edited by Pierre-Michel Forget, Martine Hossaert McKey et Odile Poncy

Ce livre nous plonge dans le monde fascinant de la faune et de la flore tropicales, encore largement méconnues, et nous invite à penser ce grand défi auquel les sociétés devront faire face : la conciliation du bien-être humain et l'utilisation durable des ressources naturelles. Press Release at CNRS

TO BE RELEASED on 8th January 2015

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